Ree’s flower pot Oreo sundaes
Serves 4
1 tray Sara Lee Poundcake
1 tub ice-cream in your
favourite flavour
1 tube Oreo cookies organic cane sugar
1. 4 straws
2. 4 small plastic flower pots
3. Bunch of your dad’s favourite flowers
(real or artificial)
A few hours before dinner, prepare the “flower pots”:
  • Take ice-cream out of freezer and allow to soften at room temperature
    while you prepare the flower pots.
  • Remove pound cake from tray, and slice into approximately 1.5cm slices.
  • Using the base of the flowerpot as a guide, cut the pound cake into circles
    that are slightly larger than thebase.
  • Drop each cakey circle into the bottom of the pot, making sure it’s firmly
    against the bottom. This will help stop the ice-cream from leaking through the
    drainage holes and away from your mouth!
  • Stand straws up against the flowerpot and cut to approximately ¾ of the
    height of the pot, or just under the top lip.
  • Sit the straws upright in the middle of the pound cake. This will hygienically
    hold the flower stems in place.
  • Take the softened ice cream and scoop over the pound cake, around the
    straw until it reaches the top of the straw. Using teaspoons will help!
  • Smooth the top of the ice-cream as neat as you can, and clean the edges of
    the pot with a paper towel if you’ve made a mess (I always make a mess!).
  • Put all the pots back in the freezer for the ice-cream to firm up.

After dinner:

  • Cut flowers to fit the flower pot.
  • Get your Oreo cookies out and scrape away the white frosting.
  • Put the cookies in a plastic bag, twist the top close and fold a kitchen
    towel over it.
  • Using a rolling pen or a bottle, gently bash the kitchen towel to crush the
    cookies into fine crumbs.
  • Using a teaspoon, spoon the cookie crumbs over the ice cream to
    create the “soil”.
  • Insert flowers into the straw holder and spoon more crumbs over the top
    to hide the straw.
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